New Blog!

New Blog!



Alf Avenue ~

So, I haven’t posted in a million years, and this won’t be long… But things you should know: 

We bought a house and we moved. It’s a remodel, we don’t have a kitchen yet (should have one next week!) and our bathroom sink currently drains into a bucket, but it works, which is the point. It’s been QUITE an adventure – also a pretty awesome one – we’ve only wanted to kill each other about 7 times, much less often now that both the toilet and shower are functioning!

Our street is awesome, quiet, close enough to town that my bike ride to campus and the boathouse are both right around 20 minutes, which is AMAZING.

Also, SXSW happened. I owe photos from that! It just happened to fall during our first week of home ownership and bathroom demolition, so it was a little complicated. We had a blast! First year with wristbands, which we will definitely do again. Also got to hang with Bob Gehrman and Co. for a few shows and some delicious Mexican Food! Overall, great success. I even got a photo with American Idol, Kris Allen! 

FINALLY, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: I had this great idea about blogging our remodel progress. What I failed to realize is that there’s no time for that when you’re doing a remodel ~ SO, pictures will have to suffice!

CLICK HERE for those, and try to keep an open mind! You won’t even recognize it in a few weeks 🙂

More once the kitchen’s in!  

Crazy eyes.


Glass blowing lesson!

Our instructor, Leigh, owns the studio (very cool). She is super nice and helpful, and she made us feel like we actually knew what we were doing! Since I took the photos, you only get to see Scott in action, but I got to do all the same things. And the cup in the last photo: all mine!


Blowing glass!


Putting the color in...


Cutting molten glass...


Final product! A tiny cup!

7 Quick Takes

Let’s start with how embarrassed I am that it has been OVER A MONTH since my last post. Let’s be honest, we’re looking at almost two months here. I wish I could report how extremely boring my life has been, and how I haven’t neglected to post anything BUT, it’s actually been the total opposite. So, I’ve borrowed an idea from my friend Shannon’s blog, which she borrowed from another blog, that will (hopefully) let me convey the 7 most blog-worthy things that have occurred since my last post, fifty million years ago.

So, in no particular order, 7 Quick Takes:

1) I went home to Georgia for the weekend a couple of weeks ago! It was a glorious weekend full of lots of family time, hanging out with my best friend, Laura and her adorable pups, & eating and drinking lots of delicious things. Exactly the way vacation (especially a trip home) should be. Possibly the most interesting part: I got to see the parents’ urban farm in action, complete with stalks of corn, bok choy, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes… you name it, she’s got it. It’s awesome. Someday I will be an excellent gardener just like my mother!

2) Scott has started playing soccer with a men’s league in town. It’s a more serious league than the social league he also plays on. Their season officially starts in a week or so, I think, but he’s been practicing with them twice a week for the last several weeks and is really excited to be back on the soccer scene! With the social league, he’ll be at 3x/week soccer, crazy!

3) We. Are. In the process. Of closing. On another house! This one is a much more promising find than the last one, so we’re starting to see that everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. The plan is to get in at the end of the month, do a little bit of work in March, and move in by April! Or earlier! This means, I have already started looking at dogs to adopt (surprise!) and am planning out our epic backyard garden. Scott has been scouting general stores for baby chicks, and we’re brainstorming that chicken coop!

4) Also right around the corner is SXSW! It lines up conveniently with my Spring Break, which is completely ideal. Additionally – this Friday, Scott and I are heading downtown to see He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, which is this new folky band I’m really into! And then, Map Jam is on Saturday. So, music, music, music AND the weather is perfect for it (hint: it’s 80 today).

5) Two Fridays ago, we went over to the east side to take advantage of the glass blowing lesson that my parents got us for Christmas! It was SO much fun; we made so many things; we will definitely try to do it again. East Side Glass is right next to our favorite brewery, Hops and Grain, so we were able to round of the whole experience with a few delicious beers.

6) Several times in the last few weeks, we have found ourselves at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore warehouse in search of new, fun craft projects and ideas for the house! Our first project: A new cabinet for the living room in our apartment. Mom sent me several Amaryillis and Paperwhite bulbs for Christmas and they needed a place to live! So we found what used to be an overhead kitchen cabinet and gave it a custom pain job! It looks really great. I took a few pictures during the process, but JUST realized that I don’t know where the post-paint job photos are, so I’ll have to get those up later. Teaser: me, spray-painting.


7) And lastly (I was going to talk about graduate school, but that’s boring, and I was just reminded about this GREAT last point while uploading some pictures from the camera) we have been eating some really amazing meals lately, mostly courtesy of Scott because I have been insanely busy, although I did manage to sneak in some beef and mushroom curry last week! After initially miscalculating the occurrence of Fat Tuesday, Scott was able to do some planning and prepared an amazing New Orleans meal including these amazing po-boys. (There was also shrimp, potato salad, and coleslaw.)


I hope this gives you a tiny window into what’s been going on lately! I’m excited to get into the new house and have some posts of substance (like all of the great projects we plan to do)! Stay tuned! Or, take a nap….


Polar Bear Plunge!

Totally forgot to mention this! On New Years Day, we jumped into the springs for the annual Polar Bear Plunge! So cold, and so fun. Despite the year round temperature of the springs being a balmy 68 – 72, it was still pretty cold!!!




Here’s to 2013!


Here we are in 2013, finally! It’s been a very successful holiday season here in the 78704. Despite our being in a terrible funk about losing (probably losing) the house – we have been trying to take full advantage of the last couple of weeks.

We decorated the apartment for Christmas (including a few Christmas plants!) and have been eating some pretty outstanding meals (including the New Years feast that I’m finally getting to tonight). We’ve had several wonderful dinners out with friends, read some books, and we’ve seen a couple of movies (The Hobbit This is 40 – I was responsible for both of these choices, as you can probably imagine). So it’s been awesome!

I’ve been coaching like a crazy person, which is insane given that it’s been below freezing almost every night for the last week. Why people want to learn how to row right now, I do not know, but it’s been a good experience for me to work with so many different people of different athletic abilities – brings me outside of my coaching comfort zone a little, which I definitely need… REALLY ready to start class again. Despite my increase in coaching hours and some really fun design stuff I’ve been doing for a local spinning studio, Resolute Fitness (see one of my designs by clicking here), I need structure back in my life! I’m ready to start using my brain again 🙂

Other things:

Really excited for this new year. We toured a cool co-working space called Canopy as potential office space for Eleven59 over the course of the next year. We need space! Inspiration space. So far it’s still pretty much a gutted warehouse, but it looks like it is going to be pretty great. The idea is for it to be a space for creative-types. Everyone has their own office space, with communal cafe spaces and stuff. Very, very neat and right over on the east side, where we are trying to move!

Today we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where we bought an AWESOME cabinet that we are going to finish out with some paint and some tile. We needed something to keep the plants on! And to store some more stuff in the living room. More to come on that. Hopefully a whole blog post or two!

Time to go! Scott just go back from the store – and we’re about to settle in for some dinner and Wii time. It’s 40 degrees out… I had to scrape ice off of the car yesterday morning before practice… Sounds like hibernation time to me! Oh! And check out these photos from our Christmas celebration (note Pintxo’s new hang out, aka, The Clam – thanks Mom!):